Our Mission

It’s not your run-of-the-mill school pictures. Mr. Cantor takes the photograph needed by the yearbook, but that’s just the start. Your senior brings his or her clothes, and they go outside to make these wonderful portraits that capture their personality, their style and their essence at age 17. What could be better? In fact, everyone tells us that these special portraits are so much more meaningful than any others!

Look your BEST!

Our mission at Phil Cantor Seniors is simple–provide a world-class experience for high school seniors while creating the best photographs they ever had taken in their life–guaranteed! Our goal is to give each high school senior client unsurpassed quality and variety while customizing each session to fit his or her’s personality. Becoming a senior and having your photographs taken is a once-in-a-lifetime event. At Phil Cantor Seniors, we understand that and promise to spoil you every step of the way.

The possibilities are endless!

In studio or on location anywhere you choose, the possibilities are endless! We’ll even meet with you before the session for a free design consult to plan ahead. Phil Cantor Seniors must be doing something right–they’ve been around since 1982 and worked with thousands of high school seniors and their families. Many return as brides, grooms, parents, and then parents of seniors. The styles have changed over the years but the quality at Hudson’s will never go out of style!






On Location