What fellow seniors have to say…

Like most people, I was worried about looking comfortable in front of the camera. But the shoot was a lot of fun! I loved being able to change outfits and locations. I’d definitely recommend a session with Phil, because this is such an important time, and the yearbook is forever, so you should do everything you can to make it perfect!

Katherine Wolfgang, Montclair, NJ

Natalie usually doesn’t like getting her picture taken, but these are fabulous. I see different moods come through in the photographs. You were able to capture her real smile – I can’t get that when I take her picture! The experience was better than we could have hoped for.


Denise Smyth, Montclair, NJ

Posing for pictures is normally pretty awkward, but Phil talked me through the whole thing – where to look and what to do. The session was easy and the photographs are a “10”! He was totally professional and I liked all the different backgrounds we used, inside and outside too. I was surprised how long we spent shooting – big difference from the photos at school.


Bella LeBron, Tenafly, New Jersey

I am amazed how you were able to see Michael’s character. I love the dynamics, the composition, the creative backgrounds. They’re not just photographs, they’re art.

Irina Kuznetsov, Montclair, NJ

It was wonderful to have a photographer who knows how to work with teenagers: you gave us lots of direction on what to wear and you have a way with teens who are so self-conscious. I am totally impressed with the portraits – I love them!

Anne Liedtka, Montclair, New Jersey

My photo shoot was so much fun! It is a totally different experience – I liked being the center of attention. I was really surprised by the variety of poses and settings we were able to do in an hour. And I didn’t expect how dramatic I would look! {Olivia}
I see the youth, the freshness, the beginning of her life – and this photograph allows me to hold on to that. She looks so happy in all the pictures. I’m so glad we did this.  {Connie}

Olivia and her mother, Connie Melendez, Montclair, New Jersey

Between Phil Cantor and the school photographer? No comparison. Phil actually took the time to fix my hair. You could tell he cared about all the details. Normally I’m not a fan of photographs, but I’m very happy with the results of my session. It was really relaxed; I had fun and laughed a lot! I was surprised when we went outside for part of the shoot, but I really like how the environment played into the portraits. I would absolutely recommend Phil Cantor to this year’s seniors.

Breteja Williams, Montclair, New Jersey

The photos turned out so well, and they had emotion too. I was worried I would look boring or not like myself, but they all came out great! The session was easy, fun, and it doesn’t make you nervous when you’re going through it. I was very comfortable putting my trust in Phil!

Maya Potter, Montclair, NJ

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