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You DON’T have to use the photos taken at school!

The portrait you take with Phil Cantor Seniors is guaranteed to be accepted by Montclair High School! After we do your official yearbook photograph, we go outside and take wonderful portraits of you on location, capturing your personality. Learn all about our Session Options HERE!

On Location

High School Senior Photography That’s All About You!


One of the best parts of your high school senior year is having your senior portraits created by a professional photographer! Yeah, you could have your uncle take your senior photos, the neighbor with the new “fancy” digital camera snap a few, or even your buddy with their iPhone,  REALLY? Unfortunately, that’s like going to McDonald’s for Prom dinner, LAME! Being a High School Senior comes only once in your life and you deserve a quality professional, not an amateur. You deserve senior photography that tells your story of who you are during your senior year!


If you are looking for something

different, unique, custom to YOU…


Then you’ve come to the right place!


Phil Cantor Seniors has been on the

cutting edge of creative senior

portraits for over two decades.

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Styles have changed drastically since our first class, but the quality of our professional photography work has never gone out of style! Take a moment to explore our website  and see why Phil Cantor Seniors is one of the top photography studios in northern New Jersey. Also check out some recent sessions around Montclair and beyond on our social media sites, learn more about professional photographer Phil Cantor, and even a schedule a FREE pre-portrait planning consultation so we can discuss all of the details for your senior year!

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